Focus on Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a very unpleasant long term and and disabling condition which causes patients to suffer a multitude of symptoms including widespread pain, extreme tiredness, difficulty in sleeping, headaches and problems with memory and concentration.

A recent trial,published in the British Medical Journal,  to evaluate the effectiveness of acupuncture in patients with Fibromyalgia concluded that it was a useful treatment to reduce pain when compared with placebo treatments. This effect persisted for one year during the trial. Side effects were mild and infrequent.

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Sports Injuries and Acupuncture

As the weather improves, many of us are taking to the bicycle or starting to run, perhaps for general fitness or with specific competitive goals in mind. After the winter break it is all too easy to acquire injuries as the muscles are persuaded back into action.

Acupuncture can help to relieve pain and swelling and promote healing in situations such as these helping you to get back on track with the training programme.



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Did you know that Acupuncture can help to keep you in peak performance?

Whatever your active sport: whether you are training to compete or just trying to stay in condition generally, Acupuncture can be an invaluable aid to remaining in shape. Rehabilitation from those irritating and painful sporting injuries can be made so much easier getting you back in the saddle quicker.

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Research and Teaching

In addition to practicing as a GP and Acupuncturist, I carry out a number of other activities that help me to stay at the forefront of the field:

  • Teaching medical students at Bristol University, coaching them in consultation skills.
  • Advising university projects to design and develop novel equipment to sense posture and aid movement.
  • Clinical Tutoring of acupuncture students from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, a partner organisation of Kingston University.
  • In 2013, I lead an expedition to The Cordillera Blanca in Peru where I studied the effectiveness of Acupuncture in delaying the onset of High Altitude Headache.
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