Teaching and Research

Teaching and Professional Developmentportrait_new

For several years I have been involved in teaching students from the School of Integrated medicine as well as students from Bristol University. It is a very useful experience for students even at the beginning of their training to observe current practice – it is also helps me to keep abreast of new developments.

Sometimes students sit in with me during their training to observe consultations and treatment. You will always be asked if you are happy for a student to be present at your consultation, and you must never feel under pressure to accept their presence.

Sharing Practice

As a General Practitioner and Acupuncturist I believe it is very important to have a wide appreciation of  the many difficulties surrounding the provision of healthcare.

Arriving at The Medical Centre in Jarkhot, Nepal

During 2012 I spent time in India and Nepal and took the opportunity to investigate medical practice in remote regions.

In 2015, I was able to see at first hand the medical provision available in Southern Patagonia. I was privileged to meet the very small medical team supporting the  population bordering the eastern edge of the South Patagonian Icecap.

In both cases an impressive level of care was being provided in difficult circumstances.




During 2013 while on a mountaineering trip to Peru, I carried out a preliminary study to assess the feasibility of using acupuncture in expedition conditions to prevent headaches at high altitude. It was a challenge to treat safely and hygienically in such an extreme environment (in a windy tent at 5000m) but it showed it could be done and for the limited number of patients treated, seemed to make a difference.