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Appointments are available at:IMGP4210

The Old Orchard Surgery, South Street, Wilton, Wiltshire. SP2 0JU

Telephone:  07960 888532

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Initial assessment & appointment: £70 (1 hour)
Follow-up appointments: £55 (approx 30 minutes)
Re-examination £70 (1 hour)
  • Re-examination is required if you have not been seen for 2 years or more, or if you have a completely new complaint.
  • All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Missed appointments and cancellations with Dr Katie Greener

Please give 24 hour’s notice for cancellation of you appointment. If this is not given or if you miss your appointment, you may be charged the full fee.

Private Insurance

I am covered by all major private health insurance companies (BUPA, AXA, PPP, HAS, WPA, etc). To make a claim on your insurance, please ask for a receipt of payment after your session.

My consulting room is upstairs; however arrangements can be made to see patients on the ground floor given adequate prior warning.


Car parking is available in a large free car park adjacent to the Michael Herbert hall, opposite the surgery. Parking facilities are also available within the surgery compound for blue badge holders.

What to wear

It is helpful if you wear loose clothing. In particular, if you are wearing trousers, it is helpful if they can be rolled up over your knees.

What you will feel

Generally acupuncture is not painful. It is often described as a deep, gentle aching or burning sensation, but is not unpleasant. It is important that you feel this sensation or ‘de chi’ as this is a good indication that the acupuncture points are being correctly stimulated, giving the best possible chance of a successful treatment.

Sometimes the needles are further stimulated using an herb called Moxa (mugwort) or using an electro-acupuncture machine which delivers a very tiny electric current (much like a TENS machine) when attached to the acupuncture needles. This will not be used on your first visit and is also not unpleasant

Typically 10-20 needles are used and placed in acupuncture points in various parts of the body. The needles are extremely fine (0.2mm diameter), and nothing like the needle your doctor uses to take blood. The needles are left in for approximately 20 minutes. You will not be left alone during this time. If at any point you feel anxious or unwell the needles can be removed immediately.

After your treatment

Reactions to acupuncture vary and are very individual.

Most patients feel calm and relaxed after treatment. Some patients can feel energised and others quite elated. It is very common to feel very tired later on the day of your treatment and you may need to lie down for an hour or so. Many patients report a very good night’s sleep on the evening of their treatments!

It is very variable as to how quickly symptoms resolve. Sometimes it takes 2-3 treatments for the acupuncture to take effect. It is often the case that improvements in symptoms are more long-lasting following each subsequent treatment.

Initially, I prefer patients to come for 3 sessions, on a weekly basis, following which we re-assess the symptoms together. If there has been absolutely no improvement, then we may decide not to continue further acupuncture treatments and to explore other avenues of treatment that may be more appropriate. If your symptoms do gradually improve, we would continue further sessions until resolution or there is no further response. The number of sessions patients need varies tremendously depending on the problem, but usually is in the region of 6-8 treatments. I usually increase the intervals between treatments as the condition begins to resolve. Patients may come for 1 or 2 further ‘booster sessions’ at a later date if necessary.