Testimonials And References

“Really lovely atmosphere. Very easy to talk to”

“Really helpful caring service, and aids a personal rather stressful situation. Thank you”

“I saw Dr Greener in Salisbury and was most impressed by her treatment”

“Many thanks for putting me at ease”

“Thanks for your compassion – very much appreciated in trying to rid myself of a tediously long-term painful problem”


“Acupuncture with Katie has been a lifeline for me over the years. I have had acupuncture for various physical problems, from tennis elbow, sore shoulders to severe back pain. Katie solved it, sometimes in one session or with a few. But the really amazing moment was realizing that acupuncture helps with mental issues as much as with physical problems. Dealing with bereavement is at points so overwhelming. Katie knew exactly what to do and within a session it became more manageable and it was okay to face it and work with it. This is made all the easier as Katie is an attentive, empathic, kind listener. There is no rush and I can ask questions and her opinions are logical and grounded in both western and eastern medicine. Over the last 8 years I have seen Katie sometimes just for maintenance or more recently for more pressing issues. I always feel I walk out of our sessions taller and ready to face the day!

Thank you Katie for everything .”

” For a significant time I had repeated viral cold infections that I never recovered properly from. I then experienced total exhaustion, viral cold and allergic response of the eyes. Conventional medication was of limited help. The GP then suggested I tried acupuncture.
Katie took a health history and generally discussed my condition with her. She then proceeded to gently place pins into specific parts of my body. I hardly felt the pins being put in. I did experience aching in my limbs which came and went. This is apparently good. I was left feeling very floaty with relaxed tiredness to the extent that I needed to go to bed. The subsequent session with Katie the floaty tiredness was delayed and was not as extreme. The days following I found that my energy was returning and I was feeling well for the first time for many months. I did require a third treatment after a further bout of the virus with allergy- type reaction. I still experienced the achy limbs during the session but did not get the floaty tiredness. My sense of well-being and restored energy was marked. From being a skeptic I am a convert to recognising that acupuncture can help restore one’s health and well-being.
Thank you Katie.”

“I went to see Katie with digestive problems, which my doctor advised me was precipitated by stress.  At my initial consultation I was unconvinced by the role my lifestyle had to play in my symptoms – despite a busy and stressful schedule I felt I had everything under control.  With careful and empathic questions, Katie established that I was internalising my stress and anxiety which, in turn, was impacting upon my general health and well-being.
I felt benefit from the first treatment – I immediately felt deeply relaxed, with a sense of calm I hadn’t experienced in a long time.  With each session, these feelings lasted an increasingly long period and I felt a marked improvement in my physical symptoms.
Aside from inserting the needles (which is not unpleasant), Katie’s friendly manner put me at ease while I felt reassured by her medical knowledge as a qualified doctor.”

“I had been suffering periodically from waking at around 3.00 a.m. for several years.  I had got into the habit of taking nytol or paracetamol to help me sleep.  In the end these ceased to work.  I spoke to my GP who recommended Dr Greener.  When I first saw Dr Greener I was exhausted.  I had been insisting that I was not anxious about anything in particular but after some general conversation I felt very tearful and realised that my looming retirement was making me feel anxious.  I had been waking feeling anxious and with a sense of foreboding but could not explain why.  Dr Greener put some needles in me (not painful) and I began to feel much more relaxed than I had for sometime.

That night I slept and woke at about 3.00 as usual but this time I drifted back off to sleep; I woke with the alarm feeling rested and happy – no slightly anxious feeling.

It is not magic – since then I have had better sleep than I have for many years but I occasionally have a not so good night.  I am in the process of house moving which is proving very stressful and this has affected my sleeping but I am confident that once this phase has past I will sleep really well.

Acupuncture has also cured a stiff painful neck I was suffering from and helped clear my sinuses which had been troublesome through the winter.

Dr Greener’s calm friendliness and understanding helped me to understand why I was having problems and this together with the acupuncture has made a huge difference to me.  I am a convert to acupuncture and like alI converts am keen that my friends and colleagues should benefit and I have recommended Dr Greener to several people (especially those who say “you are looking well”).”


“I have suffered from headaches and pains around my eyes for many years and have tried numerous treatments none of which have had any lasting effect.

I came to see Katie. Firstly I found her very easy to talk to, and she had time to discuss all the aspects of the problem. It was reassuring to know that she was a qualified doctor.

She put me at my ease and treated me with several needles inserted into the head and face. This was a lot less terrifying than it sounds and in fact I didn’t feel most of the needles at all. I found that the treatment was very relaxing and took away the agonising pain I had at the time.

I have been treated several times since and am finding that the attacks are becoming less frequent and less intense when I do get them. I would have no hesitation in going to Katie again for this or any other condition.”

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